Depending on the available time, there are two different methods to defrost the Chicken. These are:
  1. In the fridge
  2. In a cold water bowl.



  • Do not remove chicken from packaging
  • Place the packaged chicken in a bowl.
  • Place the bowl in the bottom compartment of the fridge
  • Leave until it is fully defrosted

To defrost the frozen chicken, place the packaged chicken in the bottom compartment of the fridge, in a bowl large enough to collect juices that may drip. Due care must be taken to avoid contact of these raw meat juices with the other food items or fridge surfaces, as this may contaminate them. Please do not remove the packaging during the defrost process. The thawed chicken can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days before cooking. Although slow, this is the safest method.



  • Do not remove the chicken from packaging.
  • Submerge the pack in cold water bowl
  • Change water after 30 mins and repeat the above process, until it is defrosted completely.

This quick-thaw method is usually preferred and takes 15 to 30 minutes. Fill a large bowl with cold water (resist the temptation to use hot water). Place the package in the water, fully submerging it. Let it remain submerged, change the water with fresh cold water as it warms. Once the pieces are defrosted enough to be separated, pull them apart. Continue until the chicken meat is fully thawed.

1) How do I thaw (defrost) the frozen products?

  • Thawing is required only if the products are stored at 4°C or less.
  • Frozen products should be thawed in a microwave as per the directions given on the packaging.
  • Kindly note that after thawing, the product must be used within 12 hours.

2) What are the benefits of chicken? How is chicken better than other meats?

There are a lot of benefits. Chicken meat is affordable when compared to other meats. Chicken has lean meat, which is high in protein contents and has fewer fats. Moreover, chicken meat contains less Trans fats. These fats contribute to coronary heart diseases, and are found more in other meats.
Meat products of chickens from the barn has 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, 28% fewer calories, 50% more Vitamin A and 100% more omega-3 Fatty acids Poultry meat is an important provider of the essential Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs), especially the Omega (n)-3 fatty acids. Chicken is also a rich source of Selenium.

3) Do you use growth hormones to artificially boost the chicken’s growth?

No. We do not use any kind of growth hormones for rearing chicken.

4) What is the best way to store chicken and chicken products?

The best way to store chicken is as follows:
  1. Raw chilled chicken:
    • The temperature at which the chicken should be stored is between 0 to 4°C
    • The maximum number of days for which the meat can be stored is 5 days.
  2. Raw Frozen chicken:
    • The temperature at which the chicken should be stored is at- 18°C.
    • The number of days for which the meat can be stored is 9 months.
  3. Processed chicken:
    • As directed by manufacturer.

5) What is the healthiest method to cook a chicken?

The healthiest methods to cook chicken are steaming, oven cooking and grilling.

6) How can you recognise that the chicken is properly cooked?

Chicken products are cooked within few minutes, when the core temperature reaches 75°C.

7) If the chicken is diseased, will the person consuming this diseased chicken meat is also affected?

Diseased chicken is not fit for slaughter. Diseased birds should be condemned before slaughter.

8) Is the chicken genetically modified?

No, the chicken is not genetically modified.

9) Does the chicken contain hormones or steroids?

Our chicken does not contain any added hormones or steroids.

10) At what age does a hen starts laying eggs?

No, the chicken is not genetically modified.

11) Which chicken is healthy for human consumption?

Chicken is healthy for human consumption if it is processed under hygienic condition and stored under refrigerated or frozen conditions, or as defined by the manufacturer.

12) Where does the Ku-Koo-Ch-Ku (KKCK) chicken come from?

This chicken comes from environmentally controlled farms. Local farms help to maintain bio-security. Birds are fed with KKCK feed, which is formulated by scientists at an international level. KKCK has its own breeder farm, hatcheries and parent farms, maintained at a high bio security level.

13) Is frozen chicken really nutritious?

Frozen chicken does not lose any nutritional value due to freezing (It is frozen at -18°C) and cold storage. We take utmost care and make sure that there is no temperature deviation during storage.

14) Is the chicken free from preservatives?

Yes. Of course. We do not add any preservatives to the raw chicken meat.

15) Do you add Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in your products?

No. We do not add MSG in our products.

16) Is your chicken Gluten-free?

Yes. Gluten is not used while processing the chicken.

17) Is GST applicable for your products?

Yes. All our prices are inclusive of GST; i.e. Goods and Service Tax.

18) Do I need to register or create an account before buying your products online?

Yes, it’s mandatory. You need to create an account, before you buy our products.

19) How do I place my order?

You can place the order from our Mobile App, which you can download from Google playstore. Alternatively, you can place the order through our website, or call our Toll Free Number: +91 7798889507.

20) How long does it take to get my order delivered?

Scheduled delivery orders will be delivered within 24 hours in the time slot selected by you. Please note that, we might not be able to deliver in some localities. Kindly check, before placing an order.

21) Can I pre-book an order?

Yes, of course. You can pre-book and schedule the delivery for the next day.

22) Can I ship to multiple addresses at the same time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to multiple addresses at the moment. We recommend you to place separate orders for each addresses.

23) How do I open a new account on KKCK website?

Your e-mail address and phone number or Google account is all that you require to sign-up and login.

24) I think I may have forgotten my password.

If this is so, click on the 'Forgot Password' option. You’ll get a confirmation email with a link to reset it. Click on this link to reset your password. Create your new password. In case you’re still facing problems, contact us via email at or call us on +91 7798889507.

25) How can I view my previous orders?

You can find your previous order information by logging into your KKCK Account. Choose ’Order History’ for a list of all successful orders placed under your account. For any order related questions, you can contact customer care at or call us at +91 7798889507. We’re available 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

26) I have concerns on the quality of the products being delivered. What do I do?

From processing to delivery, we take utmost care at every step to ensure that the quality is not compromised, and our customers do not face any quality concerns. However, if you face any quality related issues, you can write to on - or call us on - +91 7798889507.

27) Why is there a difference between the price of local vendors and KuKooChKu?

KuKooChKu chicken is fresh frozen, hygienic and tender as compared to the other options available in the market. The chicken available with local vendors may not even qualify the minimum hygiene and safety standards. This is because we are unable to trace the way how it is sourced, handled, processed, and packed.
On the contrary, our chicken is selected with utmost care by a team of highly qualified experts. In addition, we don’t charge you for any wastage. With our chicken, we assure you that you will enjoy a far better value for money than anywhere else.

28) Do you charge for the delivery?

Yes. Lump sum delivery charge of Rs.49 (including GST) is applicable on all deliveries.

29) I am unable to log in to my account. How can you help me?

Try the 'Forgot Password' option. If you’re still not able to log in, please write to us at along with your registered email address. You can also call us with your registered mobile number on +91 7798889507.

30) How do I reset my password?

You’ll get a confirmation email with a link to reset it. Click on this link to reset your password. In case you’re still facing problems, contact us via email at or call us on +91 7798889507.

31) How do I change my address?

It is very simple. You just have to log in to your account, go to the account panel and edit your address. Your address will be updated automatically.

32) Can I order for a delivery to a different address?

Yes, you can add a new address in your Account panel. You can add and save multiple delivery addresses.

33) I have a business proposal for KuKooChKu Poultry Farm.

Please write to us at with all the necessary details. Your proposal will be shared with the relevant team. If your proposal is interesting, we’ll definitely get back to you.

34) I want to work for KuKooChKu Poultry Farm.

We always hunt for talented individuals to join us and be a part of our team. Do send your profile to If found suitable, you may get a call from our HR department.

35) I want to place a bulk order. How do I go ahead?

Yes, we do accept take bulk orders. Send us an email to and please specify the product(s), quantity, date, and time of delivery. We will see to it that the order gets delivered perfectly.

36) Is your chicken processed using any antibiotics and growth promoting hormones?

No, not at all. We just add oodles of love and care!

37) What is the shelf life of KKCK chicken?

All KKCK products have an ‘expiry date’ or ‘best before’ sticker pasted on them. This specifies the date before which the product can be consumed. You will find such sticker on our all products.

38) How does KKCK maintain the freshness of chicken?

From procurement to delivery, we have a stringent and robust chain of cold chambers. This ensures that the temperature of our products are maintained between 0⁰-20⁰ Celsius. This ensures that the meat is always freshly frozen till it reaches you.

39) From where will I get the nutritional information about your products?

Frozen chicken has standard nutritional information that doesn’t change. The detailed information is available on our websites. If you need additional details, please do write to us at

40) Can I get custom cuts?

No. We do not provide custom cuts.
Let us know your requirement. Our catalogue has a comprehensive list. But still, if we have missed something, do let us know.

41) How do I cook the marinades?

You can cook them in a non-stick pan with a dash of oil or you can cook them in a barbeque.

42) Where and how long can I store the chicken?

We advise you to refer to the expiry date on the sticker. Chicken needs to be stored in the refrigerator between 0⁰ - 20⁰ C.

43) How long do you store the chicken?

Pl refer to the expiry date for more information.

44) Can I store my marinades in the freezer?

Yes, you can. Keep them overnight or for a day in the refrigerator before you cook them again.

45) Can I fry the marinades?

Yes, you can. But is not recommended by our chef. Just add a dash of oil in the pan and turn them over quickly.

46) My marinade tends to burn in the pan.

Lower the flame and sprinkle water on it. Keep the pan closed with its lid, so that the moisture is retained.

47) I have a lot of residue left in the pan. What can I do with it?

Add water (or wine / juice) and warm it. Keep stirring. Soon, you’ll have a tasty sauce being prepared in your pan. This sauce is rich in flavour. You can use this as a topping on the chicken. Also, let it get thickened and you can serve it along with your dish.

48) Do I need to mix up the marinade once again?

It will be better, if you can toss it again in the pan, before you get them on the burner.

49) Can I cook the marinade in an oven?

Yes, you can. Please remove the packaging. Adjust the temperature to 180⁰ C. If your oven supplies heat from only one side, you have to turn the marinades over halfway through the process.

50) Can I cook the marinade in a microwave?

No, it’s not recommended. Microwaving is just for heating purpose. In case, if it is used for cooking, it will dry the juiciness of chicken meat. Hence, it won’t be a good eating experience.

51) Can I cook the marinade in a pressure cooker?

Yes, of course. Please remove the packaging and then you can cook it like the conventional steam cooking. You will also enjoy the tempting aroma.